Management Construction Company

«GROUP SYSTEMS» – serves as the general designer, technical customer and general contractor not only on projects of a commercial nature, but also on the state of socially significant objects of Moscow

The idea of «GROUP SYSTEMS» based on the creation of systemic principles of running a construction business, covering all areas of the construction industry, bringing together the brand «GROUP SYSTEMS» narrowly focused professionals providing services in the field of design and construction. The basic approach is to provide services on the basis of Private Project, which allows us to fully delve into the constituent elements of the project, and the project and to pay proper attention to the customer, thereby achieving the desired result.


As a result of strict technical, material qualification and control over the work of suppliers, contractors and employees «GROUP SYSTEMS», formed a system in which the work worthy of the best, for what would be «GROUP SYSTEMS» adequately performed its mandated obligations of the Customer.


In its activities «GROUP SYSTEMS» the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the generally accepted norms and rules of business ethics should be the requirements of SNIP, improves the quality of services in accordance with international quality standards ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000).